Where F1 is going wrong with its necessary evil

Added on Apr 9, 2019

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Formula 1's quest for better racing on track is an ongoing battle, and for 2019 the solution appears to be adding more DRS zones to the circuits to accompany a more powerful DRS effect due to the new 2019 rear wings. If we accept that the overtaking aid is here to stay, at least until the 2021 rules overhaul, could F1 use it better than it does right now? Edd Straw and Stuart Codling join Glenn Freeman to debate the tough subject of DRS, and how F1 could improve the way it uses the system while we wait for a better solution


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Episode titleWhere F1 is going wrong with its necessary evil
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Date addedApril 9, 2019
Original dateApril 5, 2019
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